Good day, William,

I truly enjoy your title search videos posted to youtube and find them very informative.  In contrast, I wanted to know if you could outline how to perform a commercial title search and examination?  Thank you in advance for your assistance.  Also, please keep posting the videos, you are doing an exceptional job!

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Richard Simon


Thank you for your dedication to teaching others on this matter. I will find this very useful and a hard safe to my investing. Thank again!
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Thank you so much for everything! I have begun my journey into this career, and I will be using every resource you have provided to assist in my success.


Bassel Hage

I am very impressed!

Thanks so much for checking. Yes I am good getting on the course.
I am very impressed with your customer service and sincere caring about your clients.
Wow, I am promoting you and your course wherever I can. Today with the internet, its great, but many courses  use it as a surrogate to attempt to do all the work for them. You are remarkable in that you actually answer your phone. This e-mail you sent is another example of your commitment.
An you have done this years before the internet. If you even need an endorsement please give them my name.

Great course!

I've learnt a lot from this! I'm just loving it

The Course was Great!

Thank you so much!

The course was great!  I appreciate your patience with me.
It has been quite an eventful year.

M. Hardin

Excellent Program!

I recently completed the online Learn Title Searching course and wanted to thank you so much for this excellent program. The course materials were clear and easy to use while listening to each lecture. You are an engaging and clear presenter which allowed me to pay close attention and understand the title abstracting process step by step without having to go back over information again and again in order to get it. The video showing you actually performing a search is priceless. I had a much better understanding of the different deed books and how to use them after watching you work through what is an iterative process requiring more attention to accuracy than speed. Thank you!


Maureen O'Reilly

Great Course!

   Just wanted to say thanks. I learned a lot from the course. I especially liked the videos of you actually performing the title search in the various offices at the court house/tax offices.


M. Hamel