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From a Professional Title Company. We have been training since 1980.
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Includes Course Manual, Video and mentorship. Chat Rooms-Blogs-Instructor Assistance
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title abstractor course title abstractor course
title abstractor course title abstractor course title abstractor course
We Have Trained More Title Abstractors Than Anyone! Largest Title Abstractor training school in the Country. Personal Assistance just a phone call away.
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title abstractor course title abstractor course title abstractor course title abstractor course title abstractor course title abstractor course


SYLLABUS  (We do NOT offer Legal Advice)

Tax Assessors Office

  • Map Parcel Number/Property ID #
  • Previous Owners
  • Current Owners
  • Deed Book Page Numbers References
  • Assessed Value 40% / 100%

Tax Commissioners Office

  • Current Property Tax Amount - Paid/Due/Current Through Date
  • Previous Taxes Paid/Delinquent
  • Obtaining Copy of Current Tax Bill
  • Current Owners Name/Address
  • Assessed Value  40% / 100%
  • How to Obtain City Taxes and County Taxes
  • Types of Legal Descriptions 
    • Rectangular Survey
    • Reference to a Plan
    • Metes and Bounds/Course and Distance
  • Types of Deeds
    • Warranty Deed/Grant Deed
    • Special Warranty Deed
    • Limited Warranty Deed
    • Trust Deed/Loan Deed/Security Deed
    • Quit Claim Deed
    • Trustees Deed
    • Sheriffs Deed
    • Foreclosure  Deed/Deed in Lieu/Deed Under Power DUP
    • Tax Deed
    • Executors Deed and transfer by Will
  • Types of Title Searches
    • Full Title Search
    • Limited Title Search/One Owner/Current Owner
    • Bring To Date/Update
    • Developer Search/TIC Deed
    • 3-Owner/Purchase Money Mortgage PMM
    • Recording Documents
  • Types of Liens and Judgements
    • General Execution Digest GED
    • Federal Tax Liens
    • State Tax Liens
    • FIFA Judgements
    • Mechanics Liens
    • Sanitary Sewer/Water Liens
    • UCC Filings
    • Property Tax Liens
    • Divorce Decree/Property Division
    • Civil Court Documents (Divorce)
  • Probate Court
    • Wills and Trust
    • Letters of Testamentary
  • Reading Plats
    • Property Lines
    • Building Lines/Setback Lines  BL/SBL
    • Right of Ways  RW
    • Easements  EAS
    • Drainage Easements  DE
    • Sanitary Sewer Easement  SSE
    • Power Line Easement
    • Access Easement
    • Flood Zone

Clerk of the Superior Court/County Recorders/Deed Record

Grantee Digest

  • Obtaining Current Deed
  • Using the GRANTEE  index
  • Building the Chain of Ownership Backwards in time
  • Link Sheet
  • Abstracting information from each deed
  • Grantor and Grantee
  • Closing Date and Recording Date
  • Consideration
  • Legal Description of Property
  • Book and Page of Deed
  • Type of Deed used in transfer
  • Completing the Link Sheet

Grantor Digest

  • Running Owners name in Grantor Digest
  • Locating Encumbrances
    • Mortgages/Security Deeds
    • Transfers
    • Right of Ways
    • Easements
    • Covenants and Restrictions
    • Planned Unit Development
    • Mineral Rights Transfers
    • Satisfactions of Mortgages/Liens/Judgements
    • Percentage % transfers
    • Trust

Completing the Title Report

  • Identifying True Ownership of Property
  • Identifying all Outstanding Mortgages
  • Listing all Liens and Judgements against Property Owners
  • Listing all Plat Information BL/SSE/RW/COV
  • Current Property Taxes/Amount Due/Date Due/Delinquent
  • City Taxes
  • Preparing Title Report
    • Copy of Current Vesting Deed
    • Copy of all Open Deeds of Trust/Mortgages
    • Copy of all Liens/Judgements
    • Copy of Plat
    • Copy of Tax Bill

Optional  Training (No Charge)

  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Obtaining Clients
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • UNLIMITED One on One Mentorship
  • Client List

This course includes:

  • Professional Online Course
  • Course Manual (Download Only)
  • All Forms required to do a title search
  • Videos are available of the title search procedure
  • Unlimited phone and email assistance from a professional title abstractor

Assistance with the following :

  • Setting up your business
  • Obtaining errors and omissions Insurance

Mentorship :

  • How to obtain clients
  • How not to loose clients
  • How to be successful in the industry
  • Pricing your product
  • What services to offer and what to avoid

If you want to be a professional title abstractor then you need to speak with us. We have been in the business for 25 years and we know what to and what not to do. Do not try to re-invent the wheel and make the same mistakes that have been make by the amateurs in the past. Learn from the professionals. We have been in business since 1980 doing title searches and closings throughout the Country. We have trained more Title Abstractors than anyone in he business today. PERIOD!

We offer personal attention to each student to insure that you understand each step of the entire process.

Are you an Investor?

If you are an investor you need to learn how to do your own title searches. PERIOD! You cannot afford to continue to order title searches from title companies on property you may or may not even get a chance to purchase. Its cost prohibitive. Do your own search via the internet in a few minutes and determine very quickly if the property you are interested in is a good deal. You can do this for FREE in most Counties.

Interested in a property? Learn this information very quickly.

  • Who owns the property?
  • How much did they pay for it?
  • How much money do they owe on the property?
  • Do they have any liens on judgments?
  • Do they owe any back taxes and how much?
  • Is the foreclosure a first or second mortgage?
  • How to contact the owner?

Do not make the same catastrophic mistakes that others have made in the past. An informed investor is a successful investor. Let us train you to become successful in your new endeavor.